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Honey Onyx Mosaic
Editor Root      Date:2011-11-25      Views:90

Honey Onyx Mosaic
Honey Onyx Mosaic

Honey Onyx Mosaic offers a bright and luxurious dimension. This extremely beautiful onyx mosaic is featured by warmth and incredible depth of color. Honey Onyx is laced with natural layers of ivory and amber, providing it a unique yellow or honeyed color. This can make it as an ideal
Honey Onyx Mosaic, Honey Onyx Fountain Ball, Honey Onyx Top, or Honey Onyx Sink for backsplash grand foyers, bathrooms, kitchens, outside surrounds or even small building.

Honey Onyx Mosaic creates a perfect patterning that will be translucent, shinning and very hard. Put onyx up to the light, and then it will reveal itself in a spectacular fashion: it’s the only stone on the planet that’s translucent. Honey Onyx Mosaic Tile will add a crisp, fresh and modern look to almost any place. 

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