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Stone Mosaic
Dark Emperador Stone Mosaic
Editor Root      Date:2011-11-14      Views:86

Dark Emperador Stone Mosaic
Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Tiles

Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Tiles can have a smooth polished, honed, or tumbled surface and a straight sawn-edge finish. They can be seen with a rice and dramatic vein. The size of these rectangular shaped mosaic tiles can be 15*15 20*20 23*23mm with premium quality. Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Tiles are carefully cut with the grain of the stone. This will produce a lightning bolt effect for the whole pattern. These stunning These Dark Emperador marble mosaic tiles are enhanced by shade movements and veins.

Dark Emperador marble mosaic art can cover a range of design from classical to modern. Together with small selected pieces of marble mosaic, glass mosaic, resin mosaic, granite mosaic, ceramic mosaic, or other pottery materials, they can form an impressive picture, a beautiful pattern or a perfect grid.
These polished Dark Emperador marble mosaic tiles can make a striking backsplash for your kitchen or form a modern touch for your fireplace surround. It’s easy for your part to install them. For the unique characteristics of natural stones, each piece of Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Tiles
 may have vein, changed color, shade or hardness variations.

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