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Shuitou International Stone Exhibition
Editor Root      Date:2011-09-06      Views:265

Shuitou International Stone Exhibition
Shuitou now has become “China Stone City” which is the NO.1 building material market in the south of Fujian, because of its annual 50% of stone output and 68% of export . Further more, as the biggest transferring base, Shuitou leads the world stone trend and thus become the world stone center. The Stone Expo for 10 years-- China (Nan’an) Shuitou International Stone Exhibition is held here. Make the enterprises worldwide, and make the world know Shuitou which is the duty of this Expo. For these 10 years, more and more enterprises and buyers year by year contribute to the development of this place.

The 10th “Shuitou Stone Exhibition” has 3 exhibition sections: Firstly, exhibition center, which has 438 booths (13500㎡) and mainly show stones; Secondly, square showroom, which has 362 booths (8900 ㎡) and mainly show stone machinery and materials; Thirdly, the added stone exquisite works center, which has 153 booths (8000㎡) and mainly show carving jade, watching stone, laminated panels and mosaic, etc.

With the advantage of stone scale and stone types, Shuitou has become the first choice for domestic projects, decoration companies and top grade consumers. Because of the advantage above, the added stone exquisite works in the 10th “Shuitou Stone Exhibition” will be as successful as before. In order to ensure your attendance or long term cooperation, we will propagandize professionally and serve from every aspect.


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