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How To Choose The Best Granite Countertops ?
Editor Root      Date:2012-08-25      Views:118

How To Choose The Best Granite Countertops ?

1. Research the Options

Granite is a natural stone and particularly popular for use as countertops in homes. The two main granite countertop options are tile and slab. Tiles provide a great deal of diversity in terms of overall size and shape. The homeowner can even mix and match tiles. Slabs, on the other hand, provide a more seamless aesthetic and are generally easier and less expensive to install. There is also a wide range of color and style options, and the best granite countertops price will fluctuate from one shop and season to the next.

2. Consider Durability

Granite has unbeatable toughness and is nearly impossible to scratch. Just because you're shopping for the cheap best granite countertops available doesn't mean you have to settle for diminished durability. With the right choices, a granite countertop can last a lifetime or at least last through several remodeling efforts. Remember that slab countertops tend to be more durable long term. In addition, some synthetic processes used to create colors and patterns can lessen the hardness of the stone.

3. Think Long-Term Style

Since granite is so durable, you'll want to maximize that purchase by thinking long term. When you buy best granite countertops, consider how that kitchen will look 5, 10 and even 20 years from now. Generally, we advise remodelers not to make the color, pattern or style of the countertop the centerpiece of the kitchen motif. If you do, then when it comes time to remodel again, the countertop will almost certainly require replacement. Instead, gravitate to neutral styles that can accent rather than dictate.

4. Scrutinize Cleanliness and Healthiness

Granite countertops require regular basic cleaning in order to keep them visually clean as well as clean of hidden dangers. Hidden dangers include bacteria that can contaminate food preparation. For this reason, white countertops are the best granite countertops because they are by far the easiest to keep clean. Note that granite is porous and thus vulnerable to stains and long-term contamination. Most granite countertops have a seal to protect against that. Maintain that seal and reseal it annually.

5. Examine Maintenance Requirements

Make sure you know what you're getting into in terms of long-term maintenance commitments. Although granite requires regular cleaning that cleaning is usually not intensive. A particular brand or style, however, may deviate from that. Typically, maintenance of a granite countertop takes place in three phases: immediate, daily and annual. Immediate means that you get spills as soon as they happen, but thorough cleaning can happen at the end of day. Annual maintenance is the resealing.

6. Comparison-Shop Online

In order to get the best possible price, shop the best granite counter tops online. There is simply more competition and choice online, and the online markets are much less prone to seasonal and localized price fluctuations. Some homeowners shy away from an online purchase because of installation considerations. But keep in mind that it is usually best to purchase the materials and the service separately. In fact, many online vendors will set you up with local contractors and once you've chosen, they can ship the countertop to them and coordinate the install.




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